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You Should Come to Gold Coast Chiropractic



Dr. Paul Fisher

Not to be a “pick me girl” but, why should you come see us?

Here’s a breakdown as to why:

  1. We have a wonderful staff.
  2. We are at a very convenient location downtown in the Gold Coast with easy access to residences in the River North and Lincoln Park area.
  3. We have updated state of the art facilities.
  4. We have the receipts. Let us show you what we can do for you as a patient, based on what we have done for our patients in the past.

Many patients come here initially because they have headaches, neck pain, or lower back pain. It really prevents them from being able to golf, work effectively, play with their kids, have overall energy, or even to be able to get a full night of sleep. That’s really where we are able to improve our patients’ lives.

What we find too, especially with chronic issues from an acute trauma is that these problems have been brewing for a long time. It decreases your quality of life and through care, we are able to address the underlying cause of every individual’s concerns to really help our patients live the best life they possibly can.

We do that through state of the art diagnostics that will look not only at the structure of your body but also the function. Is everything lined up the way that it should? Are you aligned from the front AND from the side? Functionally, is everything moving the way it’s supposed to? Do you have the proper range of motion in your shoulder, your neck? The pain may be coming from one point of your body, but the problem is rooted somewhere else.

When we do a full evaluation, looking at the structure and the function, we are able to zero in on the core cause of what is causing your pain and dysfunction. Think of us as the therapist for your joints, not just emotional baggage.

We build a treatment plan based on all the information we gather, specifically for you, to correct the issues. This obviously helps our patients get out of pain but also live a fuller, healthier life moving forward.

No need to keep reliving the pain from the steps up the Red Line. Just hop on the L and come see us today.


Dr. Paul Fisher

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