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Shoulder Pain – Natural, non-surgical Treatment Options are Available at Innovative Nerve & Joint Centers in Chicago

The shoulder area contains several joints, tendons, and muscles that allow a wide range of motion to the arm. There are a variety of causes for shoulder pain ranging from carrying heavy bags to sitting in front of a computer screen all day. Shoulder pain is not an ailment you should have to live with.

The Solution

Chiropractic care provides a healthy solution to shoulder pain by:

  • Providing a doctor that specializes in determining the location of and correcting vertebral subluxations which may cause shoulder pain
  • Treating shoulder pain at its source
  • Providing pain relief and preventing further deterioration of nerve function

When getting dressed has become extremely painful or simple tasks like lifting, driving, and opening a car door cause pain in your shoulder area, it’s time to seek treatment. A shoulder injury can be an obstacle to regular daily functioning. So we aim to heal your injury and restore your life as quickly as possible.

Innovative Nerve & Joint Centers provides effective, noninvasive solutions to your pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of function in your shoulder. Your individualized care plan will involve a range of treatments selected to meet your particular health needs. You’ll experience natural modes of treatment, focusing on overall wellness and injury prevention.

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At Innovative Nerve & Joint Centers, we see many patients with these common shoulder injuries and conditions*:

  • A fracture (a broken bone) is usually the result of a trauma or fall. Fractures cause severe pain and swelling.
  • Bursitis occurs when small, fluid-filled sacs located in the shoulder become inflamed. Bursitis often occurs in association with rotator cuff tendinitis.
  • Impingement of the shoulder, such as Frozen Shoulder, can happen when the shoulder blade puts pressure on the underlying soft tissues when the arm is raised away from the body.
  • Instability in the shoulder occurs when ligaments, tendons, and muscles around the shoulder become loose or torn. This can happen as a result of a sudden injury or from overuse. Shoulder dislocations can be partial or complete and can occur repeatedly. Repeated episodes of dislocations lead to an increased risk of developing arthritis in the joint.
  • Fibromyalgia can cause unexplained muscular and nerve pain throughout the body, including the shoulder.

*Please note that shoulder pain can also be a symptom of a heart attack or an aortic aneurysm, which can lead to death. If you are experiencing sudden ongoing or periodic shoulder pain (sharp or dull) not related to an injury or other known health issue, please seek immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital emergency room or call an ambulance!

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“Dr. Fisher is literally the best chiropractor you could ask for. Not only does he have compassion, motivation, and knowledge to help patients but sets the mood for the office.”

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