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Scoliosis treatment doesn’t always have to include surgery.

At Gold Coast Chiropractic in Chicago, we know that scoliosis, if left untreated will become more severe – it’s time to stop the progression!

Interesting facts about scoliosis:

    • Scoliosis is an irregular, sideways curve of the spine that becomes painful over time
    • Even slight spinal abnormalities can impact a person’s quality of life
    • The cause of most scoliosis is unknown
    • Scoliosis is typically thought of as an issue in children, but the progressive nature of this disease makes it an even bigger issue in seniors
    • Scoliosis is progressive and if left untreated will become more severe
    • For many people who are treated therapeutically, scoliosis does not require surgery
    • Scoliosis screening is 100 percent safe, quick and easy

What is scoliosis?

Your spine has natural curves that form an S shape when viewed from the side and a straight line when viewed from behind. Scoliosis is present when the spine has side-to-side curvature when viewed from behind. Depending on the severity of the curvature, this sideways curve may be recognizable to the naked eye, but this isn’t always the case. That’s why it’s important to see a specialist who can perform proper evaluations and make a diagnosis.

Scoliosis is a silent malformation that doesn’t cause discomfort at first but, over time, the pain will become more severe. External signs that scoliosis may be present include: abnormal posture, issues when walking, and labored breathing. With the constant challenges of everyday life, a person with scoliosis can develop health problems and social challenges, including worries about self-image.

In the most severe cases, scoliosis requires surgery which involves attaching rods and screws to the spine to help eliminate the debilitating sideways curve. But tampering with the spine surgically can be dangerous and, as with all surgeries, there can be complications or the need for additional surgeries.

At Gold Coast Chiropractic in Chicago, IL, our goal is to help you heal naturally and avoid surgery if at all possible. We do this through careful evaluation and precision treatments that are natural and less invasive. Remember, scoliosis is not an endless cycle. With individual treatment plans, scoliosis patients can see a decrease in their abnormal curvature, experience less pain, and become more active and energized.


When is the best time to be screened?

Most people develop scoliosis during growth spurts in childhood and into the teenage years. In fact, each year, 2-3 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 15 are diagnosed with scoliosis. While females usually develop more severe cases, the appearance of scoliosis shows up equally in males and females. That’s why it’s important that all growing children are screened at several points as their bodies mature.

Unfortunately, scoliosis can go undetected or may only be detected as the abnormal curve becomes visually noticeable and the symptoms become more pronounced. There are many reasons for this lag in detection, but one of the most common is the age of the child when symptoms begin to appear. Scoliosis is most easily detected when children are bathing or getting dressed. As children get older and begin bathing and dressing themselves, or wearing loose or bulky clothing, parents and guardians may not have the opportunity to notice some of the early symptoms, especially if they don’t know what to look for.

Here are a few of the noticeable signs of scoliosis in children and teens:

  • Asymmetrical shoulders
  • Prominent shoulder blade
  • Rib hump
  • Visible curve in spine
  • Asymmetrical hips
  • Asymmetrical waist

Early detection and prompt treatment can help prevent the condition from becoming worse and, in many cases, can improve or correct the scoliosis. But that doesn’t mean adults cannot be helped too. Check out this patient video if you aren’t convinced!

Treat Your scoliosis today

We have a scoliosis diagnosis. Now what?

Being told that you or your child has scoliosis can feel scary and confusing. You may be anxious about the challenges ahead of you and worried about what the best path is for treatment. Keep in mind that scoliosis can be corrected, often without invasive surgery. There are treatment options available that can help you live a normal, active, and pain-free life. At Gold Coast Chiropractic, we’ve had great success with our scoliosis patients–and we’re happy to say that many no longer require surgery.

Gold Coast Chiropractic brings a specialized and effective approach to scoliosis rehabilitation. We’ve helped hundreds thanks to our unique combination of Chiropractic Biophysics and ScoliBrace technology. In fact, we work directly with leading scoliosis experts at ScoliCare in Sidney, Australia to provide the absolute best scoliosis treatment options for our patients.

If you or your child have been diagnosed or suspected of having scoliosis, please reach out. We can help you get an accurate diagnosis, navigate the complicated and confusing treatment options, and determine the best treatment plan to eliminate or lessen the impact of scoliosis. Together, we can get you and yours back on track to a healthy, active lifestyle.

“I just finished my first round of treatment with Dr. Fisher and I am shocked and thrilled with how well it went. As a scoliosis patient, surgeon after surgeon has warned me of chiropractic care, instead pushing me towards physical therapy and pain management. At the end of the treatment, I never expected to see the progress that my x-rays showed - and even then Dr. Fisher insisted that this was something I did myself, rather than taking any credit of his own.”

- Melissa M.