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Module 1: User Experience

Don’t discount how important experience is for the user. Google is smart. User behavior is more important than ever.

Module 2: Global Settings

There are two easy things you can do that applies to your entire website: the footer area and your tagline. Be sure to optimize both.

Module 3: Pagespeed & Image Optimization

One of the most common SEO issues is pagespeed and image optimization. Learn how to make your pagespeed lightning fast!

00:00 — Introduction
01:15 — Testing your pagespeed
03:20 — Scaled Images vs Optimized
05:29 — Resize PNG files in Photoshop
18:05 — Resize JPG files
25:30 — Image Compression

Module 4: Optimizing a Page

Optimizing your main static pages (home, about, contact, services, etc) is a main part of SEO. Learn how to optimize a page properly.

00:00 — Introduction
03:50 — Expandable Content
06:50 — Page Optimization
20:22 — Alt text on images
22:00 — Introduction to Yoast
27:20 — Videos on Pages