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Overcoming Neuropathy: Real Patient Success Stories

Neuropathy, specifically peripheral neuropathy, is a condition resulting from damage to the peripheral nerves, which can cause weakness, numbness, and pain, usually in the hands and feet. It can be due to various factors including diabetes, infections, inherited disorders, traumatic injuries, and exposure to toxins.

Treatment for neuropathy is typically required when:

  • Symptoms Interfere with Daily Activities: Such as difficulty walking, performing fine motor tasks, or when pain is severe and constant.
  • Underlying Cause Requires Management: For example, controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic neuropathy or treating an infection.
  • Preventing Further Nerve Damage: Early intervention can prevent the progression of the condition and additional complications.

Here at Innovative Nerve and Joint Centers, we offer a complimentary neuropathy screening which will help us identify and address the underlying cause and the best route to take for your specific case. Some of these causes can include:

  • Managing Diabetes: Keeping blood sugar levels under control.
  • Addressing Vitamin Deficiencies: Supplementation for deficiencies in B vitamins, especially B12.
  • Drug free effective alternative to gabapentin, pregabalin, neurontin and other drugs
    Improving blood flow through the use of Softwave and light therapy
    Strengthening and improving balance and coordination

Living with neuropathy can be challenging, but with the right treatment and support, many individuals have found ways to manage their symptoms and lead fulfilling lives. Below you can read some of our patient testimonials, dedicated to sharing the experiences of those patients who have overcome the hurdles of neuropathy through the care and expertise of our chiropractic center. 

These inspiring stories highlight the resilience and determination of our patients, showcasing how our personalized chiropractic treatments, combined with supportive therapies and lifestyle changes, have helped them achieve significant improvements. We are proud to be part of their healing journeys and hope these accounts provide hope, encouragement, and valuable insights to others facing similar challenges!

Don Martin

“Since I started at INJ centers I am doing very well. I used to constantly fall, my feet were in constant pain at night to the point where I couldn’t sleep, which affected my blood sugar. I even almost took disability because it was recommended by my primary care doctor. I now like all the products that I use and my blood sugar is now under control, I feel 100% better. It is possible for me now to go outside and not constantly fall on the ground without being able to get up. One of my goals was to be able to take my dog to the park, trot and play with him and now I can finally do that. It has been three months since I started and all I can say is that it works! Thank you Dr. Fisher.” Listen to Don’s full story here.

Stella Plato

“One day I was looking online and learning about neuropathy, I knew nothing back then but I came across Dr. Fisher’s ad from INJ Centers. I kept reading about it and while I still didn’t understand much, the symptoms listed on his website were similar to mine. I couldn’t walk right, I used to fall down when I got out of bed, my toes were numb, my ankles were swollen and I wasn’t even able to wear my shoes.

I decided to visit INJ Centers for a test; the screening showed that I had zero circulation on my feet and toes, that’s when I decided to get X-Rays and start the program. In just two months I saw inflammation go down completely, I can wear tennis shoes again, I am comfortable wearing sandals, I love dancing and walking and I am finally doing that again. I am so glad I started this program, I followed what Dr. Fisher and his team told me to do and it worked. I got my spring back and I am very happy I can say that it changed my life!” Listen to Stella’s full story here.

Linda Grace

“I had pain in both my feet and couldn’t walk, even my brother used to tease me telling me I walked like I was drunk, but since I started doing the therapy I feel a lot better. This has been marvelous for me, I wasn’t able to wear some shoes because of the poor circulation on my feet and wearing heels was just terrifying. I can’t wait to keep following my program, we are now down to doing sessions once a day instead of twice a day, not only does that mean I feel better but Dr. Fisher and his team KNOW I am doing better!” Listen to Linda’s full story here.

Bobby Jones

“My biggest symptom and fear was that I was going to lose my feet because I had no feeling in them, they were itching, and I just wanted to rip them off! My blood sugar was also very high and (HbA1c) above 8. In seven months of this program it’s almost like what I felt before didn’t happen, and my blood pressure has even gone down to around 7 so I am getting there. Thank you for doing this for me Dr. Fisher, you have been a blessing in my life!”  Listen to Bobby’s full story here.

Derek Bradley

“Before I started this program I was having a lot of problems in both my feet; I was experiencing these pin prick feelings and it was affecting my balance particularly, but also other things like my ability to drive. After being on the program at INJ Centers for 9 months I have 

noticed a vast improvement with my neuropathy. My balance is better, I am able to drive better and don’t have the pin pricks in my feet anymore, they are practically gone. Me and my wife like to go on walks, so now I can do that with her too. I am very thankful that I started this program, it has really been a fantastic experience for me, I am a fan!” Listen to Derek’s full story here.

If you or a loved one is struggling with neuropathy, we invite you to take the first step towards healing. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary neuropathy screening and discover how our chiropractic care for neuropathy can help you reclaim your life. Let us be part of your success story!