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Dr. Paul Fisher

What do we do in order to treat migraines? No more pill poppin’. 

As we talked about in this video, a lot of the issues having to do with migraines come from the cervical spine, and the lack of a curve there. So, our job is making sure that we are properly rehabilitating that, and treating it. It’s a huge aspect. 

As a chiropractor, I know the adjustments are extremely valuable for normal motion, to take pressure off the nerves,and  get things moving the way they’re supposed to in order to decrease pain. 

But we gotta note that rehabilitating the curve itself, the muscles, the ligaments around it are so important in order to actually support the adjustment. 

What We Do In Office

One of the things we use is power plate therapy. We have you stand on a machine and it sends vibrations through your whole body. Effectively, what this does is it makes your body work harder to get the same outcome. 

We are all about fixing that spine in a natural way, though. 

We do in office exercises to improve the curve, so we will be asking you to do several movements and stretches while you are on the power plate to restore normal motion.

For some patients that have ligament damage and have had long standing issues, especially patients who are extremely flexible, we do body weighting. 

We will actually place a body weight on the head depending on where it’s appropriate, and then your body will re-adjust on it’s own to correct the curve. Science is cool. 

The Results 

The results with this type of therapy have been phenomenal in patients that it’s called for. We actually see an almost perfect curve when we do the stress test, and that’s one of the things we really do to help treat patients.

We’ve got to make sure that we’re rehabilitating the curve, protecting it, and making adjustments to really make sure that this is a long-term correction. 

Many times, patients have migraines that are a result of a trauma, even a trauma that goes all the way back to childhood. Yeah, that stuff stays with ya. When that happens, it causes long-term damage to the curve that adjustments absolutely help but you need to continue to rehabilitate the body so that it can heal itself. 

They’ve Got Curves

Picture this:

When you lose that curve, if you think about holding a bowling ball in front of your face, you could hold it fairly well for a while, but if you extend it out further from your face, it gets a lot heavier on your arms, it’s harder to hold up for longer.

Those ligaments around your arms and neck get stretched out, they don’t do what they’re supposed to, it continues adding and gets worse and worse. 

What we want to do is restore the normal curve so that those ligaments are able to heal, they’re able to roll back as much as possible.

You’ll never have a textbook perfect spine again, but if we can restore that to some semblance of what’s normal, the change in symptoms can be life changing.


Dr. Paul Fisher

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